Bishnu Ghosh

& The Ghosh Yoga Linage


"Ghosh Yoga” is a system and style of classical Hatha yoga created and taught by Bishnu Charan Ghosh from the 1920’s till his death in 1970.

What most distinguishes Ghosh’s system is the use of stillness during and after yoga postures (as opposed to the continuous flow found in other types of yoga) and his focus on the therapeutic culture of yoga.


Postural practice

Ghosh Yoga uses postures (asanas) to bring agility and control to the body while quieting the mind. It uses breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation to reduce stress and anxiety while initiating a path to spirituality.

In Kolkata, this yoga has traditionally been prescriptive, catering to the individual needs and limitations of students while being taught one-on-one.


Ghosh in the west

Ghosh Yoga first came to the west with Bikram Choudhury in the 1970s. Bikram (with his instructor Bishnu) created an asana based (instead of therapeutic based), routine that was challenging and sequenced.

Other prominent—and noteworthy— teachers of the Ghosh Yoga linage and philosophy include Tony Sanchez, Esak Garcia, and Ida and Scott Lamps.
These teachers are leaders in the Ghosh Yoga community and pioneering the system
in both modern and traditional ways.


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