Private Group Classes

Gift Yoga offers private group classes and training programs for up to 3 people. Each class “pack” allows up to 3 people to join, and is included in the prices listed.


Why private group yoga classes?

Unlike studio classes, private lessons offer a one-on-one experience with an instructor who can focus directly on your needs and goals and help you progress in the best way possible.


Top reasons people choose private group classes:

  1. To gain initial experience

  2. To focus on personal goals

  3. To create a personal schedule

  4. To overcome health concerns

  5. To plan for a home practice

  6. To work in-depth on postures


Single Private Class - $1,800nt

For one-on-one private classes

Private group classes
for up to 3 people:

One Month Pack
(4 classes) [Save 20%]
$5760 ($1,440nt per class for 3 people)

Two Month Pack (8 classes) [Save 25%]
$10,800 ($1,350nt per class for 3 people)

Three Month Pack (12 classes) [Save 30%] $15,120 ($1,260nt per class for 3 people)


Yoga Cure 

Ghosh Yoga Cure prescriptions are highly customized therapeutic yoga programs designed to target and benefit specific physical and mental needs.

Consultation & Prescription - $3000nt 

Price includes assessment, customized therapy program design, and training session.

Private therapy sessions:

One session - $2,200nt
4 sessions [Save 20%] - $1,760nt per session
8 sessions [Save 30%] - $1,540nt per session


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