After years of practice and study, I'm ready to share some of my knowledge and experience with others and this is the place to to do that. 

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What is GIFT?

Gift Yoga, or simply GIFT, is a platform and a space I’m creating
to share my love of yoga and other healthy practices. 


The name GIFT comes from my Chinese name 李悟 (leeWu)
which sounds like "gift" in Chinese but means something deeper.

Where can I take your classes?

You can take a private group yoga class with me, or you can join one of my weekly classes. I share my weekly event classes on the homepage.

What is yoga to you?

Yoga is medicine. It’s about improving health, learning to become more aware of the body and breath and dealing with the reality of life. Life can be difficult. A good yoga practice can help you learn to deal with the challenges of life and see yourself and others in completely new ways.

Is some yoga better than other yoga?

Yes and no. There are many people in the world—and yoga world—who believe there are clear rights and wrongs. There are those who feel strongly that yoga should be ‘about’ this or ‘about' that. I’m probably one of those people to some extent. However, I do feel a lot of that depends on what you are looking for and why. Nobody needs to do yoga to be healthy. But you can. And how you do it will impact what you get from it. 

Any books you recommend reading?

Yes, there are two books that should be required reading for anyone interested in yoga, practicing yoga, or engaging in yoga conversation. These two books alone shed a lot of light on the history and science of yoga, and will ensure you have a better understanding of what is being talked about should you find yourself in a ‘yogic’ conversation with others.


by Mark Singleton

The Science of Yoga

by William J. Broad 

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