Bring health and vitality back into your life.

Prescriptive Treatments

Ghosh prescriptive programs can help heal and improve
many issues associated with pain, and poor health including:

Arthritis • Back Pain • Knee Pain • Headache
Insomnia • Depression • IBS • Gout • Stress • weight loss

& More



Chris helped my mom put together an exercise routine perfect for her condition. He was extremely patient and gentle, giving her both encouragement and support throughout the session. I highly recommend Ghosh Yoga Cure for anyone who has chronic pain or needs physical activity in their life.

- Sherry Chang

Chris guided my mother through her therapy sessions with such care, dedication, attention to detail, and patience. Not only was his support so needed, but it inspired my mother to take responsibility for her own healing in a way she had for a long time been challenged to do. I highly recommend him to anyone.

- Leiven Hwang

The Ghosh system is an approachable introduction to yoga, and it is foundational enough to offer benefits even to those who have been practicing for years. Chris is very generous with his experience and with his time, and offers advice for any stage.
Much recommend!

- Rose Goossen

Chris is incredibly patient and knowledgeable. He took great care in putting together a program that would address my multitude of ailments. He clearly explained what we were doing, and WHY—helping me understand the benefits of each exercise he prescribed. Highly recommended!

- Jenny Tsai

Consultation & Prescription

Ghosh Yoga Cure consultation includes two steps:

2) Prescription & introduction

I will create a custom therapeutic program that gently and appropriately addresses your needs. This program will be personally introduced to you in a private session which you can practice on your own or with weekly guided sessions.

1) In-person consultation

I will meet with you in-person to learn more about you, your health history, current condition, expectations and personal requirements.  This takes about an hour and will be used to create a customized prescriptive program to address your needs.